For any country to earn foreign exchange, the field of travel and tourism (travel and tourism) is considered to be the best and most of the jobs in the world are also in this area.  Millions of people are directly and indirectly connected with the travel and tourism industry.  According to the latest report of the World Tourism Organization, about 50 per cent of the total tourists coming to South Asia visit India.  From this, it can be estimated how many employment opportunities are available in this sector.

 The industry includes services such as government tourism departments, immigration and custom, travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, hotels, airlines, catering, guides, interpreters, tourism promotion and sales.  From the travel and tourism industry to international level tour operators to private travel agents.

 In the travel and tourism industry, the whole business is to provide services, which are for those who are away from home, whether for business or vacationers.  People travel for fun, do the pilgrimage, travel adventure.  Travel agents assess the needs of all these and try to provide services as best as possible.  A travel agent decides how, when and where the tourist has to stay, how many days to stay, what the package will be. Before doing any tour and travels business this thing we should know very well

  • Domestic flight
  • International flight
  • Hotel booking
  • Bus booking
  • Train booking

What are domestic flights?

Domestic flight means commercial flight. This flight take off within the same country. Those airports who receive domestic flight is known as domestic airports. On the other hand, domestic flights can fly I within the specific boundary of the same country. The passenger plane and cargo transportation going to be handle by the airline’s company.

What are the international flights?

international flights are those flight which date the passenger from one country and land the passenger to another country. These flight charges are so high due to high tax pay two international borders. Passport is compulsory for international flights and visa is required for those countries which ask for can be given on the basis of travel, education, etc.

Hotel booking

That person who wants to start their business in the tour and travel sector then hotel booking plays an important role. Through hotel booking, you can attract many customers towards your tour and travel companies. As per the research, many tours and travels companies give free food facility or free accommodation. We can choose many e web applications to book a hotel for tourist or client. These web applications are Oyo, trivago etc. 

Bus booking and train booking

Bus and train booking means to book confirm a seat for your client. If you provide a booked seat for a client then and your tour and travel company impact of impression will be great there are lots of methods you can book bus booking and train booking. You can book a bus on your mobile phone.

And to book a train seat you must visit the official website of IRCTC.