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What Details Does an IRCTC e-Ticket Contain?

The IRCTC e-Ticket is a complete detail of your journey and personal information. The information shown in IRCTC e-ticket are:

  • PNR number
  • Train name/number
  • Source station
  • Destination station
  • Boarding station
  • Booking transaction ID
  • Ticket booking date
  • Date of journey
  • Train travel class
  • Travel quota
  • Concession, if any
  • Name, age, and gender of passenger/s
  • Booking status
  • Scheduled departure time
  • Ticket fare
  • Seat/berth number
  • Coach number
  • Food preference (for Rajdhani, Shatabdi, etc.)
  • Travel policy details, etc.

Indian Railways Train Tickets Types

Indian Railways issues two types of train tickets. The reserved ticket and the unreserved ticket. Apart from these categories, there are various quotas for Indian Railways tickets such as tickets under the tatkal quota, Premium Tatkal ticket etc. Depending upon the reservation status, a train ticket can be said confirmed ticket if the passenger has been allotted a seat. A confirmed ticket is denoted by CNF whereas, in case of non-allotment of the seat, a train ticket can be said unconfirmed ticket. Further, an unconfirmed train ticket is a waitlisted ticket which is denoted by WL on the ticket.
Additionally, there is yet another type of ticket known as the Platform ticket. Indian Railways issues platform tickets for the convenience of people who want to visit or stay at the platform for few hours to receive someone, to see off a relative or friend, or for any other reasons.

What are airline tickets?

Airline tickets are important documents that confirm a passenger has a seat on a flight. The ticket includes important information about the passenger and the flight that they will take. The ticket is exchanged for a boarding pass during the check-in process, and this gives the passengers permission to board the plane.

What information is included on an airline ticket?
All airline tickets include the same information:

  • Name of the passenger
  • Airline that issued the ticket
  • Ticket number

  • Valid date
  • Origin and destination cities
  • Flight number
  • Baggage allowance (not always printed on the ticket)
  • Cost (not always printed on the ticket)
  • Taxes (not always printed on the ticket)
  • Code that shows the Fare Basis
  • Policy for changes and refunds
  • Payment method
  • Exchange rate if necessary
  • Breakdown of costs

Bus Ticketing

The Bus Reservation System is designed to automate online ticket purchasing through an easy-to-use online bus booking system. Embed our online bus ticketing system into your website and enable your customers to book tickets for various routes and destinations. With the bus ticket reservation system, you can manage reservations, client data, and passenger lists. You can also schedule routes, set seat availability, upload an interactive seat map, and let customers select their seats.


To reserve a bus ticket, customers just have to select a date, the start location and the end destination, and go through the intuitive step-by-step booking process. They can review all available seats at a glance and select seats easily. As soon as the booking is completed, clients receive an electronic ticket they can print at home.

The bus ticket booking process only takes a few easy steps – select the dates, the starting location, and the end destination, and add personal details.

Customers can book one-way and return tickets. Admins can create discounts on round trips.

Using an interactive seat map clients can select the seats they like by simply clicking on the icons.

Customers can choose their preferred payment method – if payments are enabled.

Along with the booking confirmation email, clients receive the e-tickets, which they can easily print out.


Bus Reservation System helps you schedule bus routes and tours with ease. The system allows you to plan, schedule and manage unlimited routes with start, end and stop destinations, create a route timetable, print bus schedules, seat and passenger lists.

  • Add various bus types and show seat numbers with a graphic seat map.
  • Add multiple bus routes with departure and destination stops and intermediate stop locations.
  • Review and manage daily schedules and check the number of tickets sold.
  • View the seat list with available and booked seats and detailed passenger lists.
  • View the route timetable with the departure times of all buses on a specific route.


The built-in reservation management system allows script admins to add and edit bookings, and delete bookings in case of a cancellation. On top of that, administrators can manage clients’ details and tickets. The bus ticket reservation system allows you not onlyto accept reservations online, but to manually process bookings, too.


See a list of all online bookings, including the client’s name, the date and time, and the bus and route.

View full reservation details and edit booking status manually.

Add reservations manually through the back-end system – just enter all the necessary details.

View all client details at a glance, including name, phone, email, and address.


Online bookings make up almost 63% of the travel and tourism segment’s revenue annually. A good hotel booking system will let you efficiently manage online reservations. Automating reservation processes with a reliable hotel booking system reduces the risk of manual errors and losses in business.

The booking engine should provide your guests with all the information that they may look for- including prices, packages, room types, add-ons, inclusions, and other details, without them having to scroll through our website.

A good hotel booking system needs to have a user-friendly interface that helps both guests and staff.