Import-export code

I also stand for import export code. This code is generated by the director-general of foreign trade. It is a 10 digit number which is given by the DGFT government of India.this code is important for whose company to start their import-export business in the Indian territory. According to the laws of India, it is not possible for any company to be with any company without this code in the Indian territory. Government has been created some rules and regulations and condition that must be fulfilled to apply for import export code. Any company who will fulfil these condition and eligibility criteria then they will get import export code from DGFToffice. There are several office present in the country.

In today’s era, each and every person want to build the business and they want there business touch sky heights. Did not want that their business will grow in the domestic market but they want their business will be spread throughout globally. This is not an easy task for everyone to grow their business globally because of use process of rules and government laws. Going through these government laws and rules to get a different type of licence and this type of licence to be termed as import-export code.

This import-export code is required 4 each and every person who is going to start their business throughout the India territories for connecting globally. If any person connects globally then his business or company will get a kick start. This import-export code having 10 digit number which is valid for a lifetime.

Registration for import-export

How to do registration for import export code

Any company want to apply for import export code in India. This process must follow by that company.

  • Can you must go to the official website of DGFT and get an online application form for import export code.
  • Candidate must go for form ANF 2A. 
  • Candidate must carry these documents before feeling online application form
    • Bank account
    • PAN card
  • Candidate must film section A, B and Dthen submit the application form after that in New code will be generated.
  • Passport size photograph also attached with all application form.
  • candidate must fill an application fee for import-export board licence that is rupees 250 only.