Birth certificate

A birth certificate is a vital record that documents the birth of a person. The term “birth certificate” can refer to either the original document certifying the circumstances of the birth or to a certified copy of or representation of the ensuing registration of that birth. Depending on the jurisdiction, a record of birth might or might not contain verification of the event by such as a midwife or doctor.

What is the importance of Birth Certificate?

Before we get into the topic of birth certificate name addition, first, we need to understand the importance of birth certificates. Why is it important to have accurate information on your birth certificate?

The birth certificate is required for a child’s admittance to schools or universities, as well as for hospital benefits, inheritance, and property claims. It is a child’s first and most important right, as it establishes his or her identity. It’s important for the following processes:

Insurance purposes necessitate determining one’s age.

Establishing paternity
Proof of age for employment Proof of age for marriage
Admission to universities and colleges
Establishing the Electoral Rolls Enrollment Age
Adding your name to the National Population Register
Making a passport application
The conditions for immigration (like getting a green card)
Without a birth certificate, a person is not recognized as an Indian citizen and is therefore ineligible for all privileges and rights. So, as soon as possible following your child’s birth remember to get a copy of his or her birth certificate and do name addition in birth certificate.

Uttar Pradesh Birth Certificate
Birth registration is an official and a permanent record of a child’s existence. Like any other country in the world, it is obligatory to register the birth of a child or a deceased child in India under the law as per the Registration of the Birth and Death Act, 1969. Besides the legal framework, one has to acquire a birth certificate as evidence of personal identification to avail the benefits and services offered by the Government for its citizens. It also serves as a legal proof for identity, age, and for various rights of an individual. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Uttar Pradesh birth certificate in detail.

Birth Registration
Citizens require to register the birth of the newborn within 21 days of the event in their respective State or Union Territory. The applicant can register without mentioning the name at the time of registration, which can be later inserted within one year. In case of non-registration within the stipulated time, the local authority concerned will issue the certificate only after the police verification along with a penalty for late filing.

Place of Registration
Birth registration should be made in local ward offices by the place of birth or to be done at the Head Office of the Health Department, if the registration is delayed for more than one year.

Who can apply birth certificate in ghaziabad

  1. Either Husband
  2. Family Member
  3. Agent and Consultant
  4. Agent which you hire for same.
  5. Advocate you Hire
  6. Father
  7. Mother