Appointment of an auditor

Any person who is trained and able to review and verify any account data and the person most 35 as chartered accountant under the the chartered accountant act 1949 that person known as auditor in its professional life.

What is the purpose to appoint an auditor in the company?

The main reason behind the post of auditor in the company is to save all interest of the shareholders.and this work can be done by an auditor in a great way because he know all the rules and laws of the government so we can eggs mine or audit all the accounts very easily.

ADT- 1 form appointment for the first auditor

When when the first auditor has been appointed in the company then it is under acknowledge the register are of companies that is ROC. This appointment of an auditor is in a particular sequence or proper manner as per new companies act 2013 under section 139 (1). This can be done by using for ADT-1.

What type of document are required for filling form ADT-1?

  • There will we required a copy of companies board resolution / annual general meeting passed in resolution.
  • The appointment for the auditor has been written in the consent form.
  • A copy of eligibility certificate from the auditor according to to an auditor U/S 141.

Income tax audit

It is a kind of a tax audit where government examine tax return so that it helps to verify your income and deduction are correct. This tax audit in India is must for all Indian citizen. This Indian tax audit come under the Income-Tax act. The income tax audit is covered under section 44AB of the Income-Tax act. 

What is the limit of income tax audit?

All the things related to income tax audit is given are come under section 44AD. This act was released in 1961. To check the eligibility of an income tax audit is done by section 44 AB. This section basically shows the category of taxpayers.

What is the income tax Audit objective?

These all tax audit has been released or create by the Indian government to achieve these objectives which are given below

  • All income tax payer maintains their record or accounts it and this can be done by a certified tax auditor.
  • The account has been inspected by any tax auditor which comes from Indian authorities.
  • Checking Important information related to do tax audit this saves time of text here as well as the authorized person who helped verify all details related to to the business of the company.